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A Moving Clock

I did this slide when I was preparing for the oral defense of my thesis. If you feel you like it, grab it from the link provided at the bottom of this post.





My First Month in Malaysia

A (Wanderer) Journal

To be frankly, I feel I just travel and stay in another part of Indonesia, with better public transportation systems. Facing no any problems with the foods, weather, culture, or language, I somehow still amazed how the river of life has brought me here, since Malaysia has never been on my list as the place I would live. Being literally alone in a country where nobody picked me up in the airport, and a new workplace without someone I knew long, it is true that I found myself feel lonely sometimes. And for some people who know me, my decision to fly to Malaysia would be a quite shocking news. I know. It’s just, we can’t always get what we want the most; then to simply let it go could be much better choice instead of resist and fight hard. I’ve done both the latter, and they cost me pretty emotional and physical disasters. That’s when I decided to accept as it is, ikhlaas, and let go that stuff and decided to let in the other opportunities for there are always plenty of them. Of several options, I’ve decided to give myself a try in Malaysia. And I don’t regret the decision though. Not even once. In fact, I found my current state here is amazing. My new-first jobs is great, people are undoubtedly friendly, and more importantly, I’m happy with the choice and the changes I’ve made.

Talk about traveling, not a lot of places I’ve visited here and gotta displayed some of which I’ve done so far.


A bit of sightseeing around Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) Continue reading

3D 2N in Jakarta

Where Will You Go?

The last time I went to Jakarta, it was at 2011 to get several documents authenticated. And I’ve recently (last month, to be precise) been to Jakarta to proceed my pass to enter Malaysia. Basically I love to train so I decided to go to Jakarta by train and would return to Surabaya by using airplane. The Indonesian Railway (Indonesian: PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)) has improved significantly during the last few years. The ticket can be booked online and paid from internet banking/ATM, convenience store, post office, or even calling its customer service to make reservations.

It was 8 am when I arrived in Jakarta by using an overnight train, Argo Bromo Anggrek. Although it was an hour delayed from its arrival schedule, it was fine for me because Malaysia Embassy at Kuningan is very close to Gambir station anyway. Having found everything goes so smoothly in the embassy (it took me 15 minutes to collect my documents and I would back 2 days after), I soon realized I should go somewhere just to kill the time. I would stay in my friend’s place and she’s in her office till evening. As any other capital cities, Jakarta has huge number of shopping centers. Fortunately, I am not a mall addicts. So if you are someone like me, these places you may consider to visit while you are in Jakarta, especially in South and East Jakarta: Ragunan Zoo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Monumen Nasional (Tugu Monas), and Taman Anggrek. Aside from an easy busway access or other means of public transportation, the entrance ticket was very very cheap. From those four spots, I managed to hit to only two places.

1. Ragunan Zoo

It is a home of huge numbers of animal collections from all parts of Indonesia and worldwide. And for me, Ragunan Zoo could be  the best choice to escape from Jakarta’s heat. Surrounded by big big trees, you either could sit on the playground with benches available everywhere or going around by train if you are tired from walk. Restaurants and food stalls can be easily found so no need to worry from being hunger in this 350-acre area. And don’t forget to get the Ragunan Zoo souvenirs to bring home, they sell them with reasonable price.


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Prosedur Penggantian Paspor (Habis Berlaku )

Sekitar pertengahan tahun 2008, saya sempat menulis tentang prosedur pengurusan Surat Perjalanan Republik Indonesia (SPRI/paspor). Dan karena paspor saya sudah hampir masa berlakunya, maka saya melakukan ppenggantian paspor (habis berlaku) di Kanim Kelas I Khusus Surabaya. Sebagaimana posting saya sebelumnya, saya sangat menyarankan untuk menggunakan fasilitas pendaftaran online terlebih dahulu agar proses pengurusan lebih mudah dan cepat.

Dokumen yang harus dibawa pada saat datang ke kantor Kanim sbb:

  1. Print-out pra permohonan personal (online)
  2. KTP + fotokopi 1 lembar (A4, dalam satu halaman)
  3. Kartu Keluarga + fotokopi 1 lembar (A4)
  4. Akta kelahiran/ijazah/surat nikah (pilih salah satu) + fotokopi 1 lembar (A4)
  5. Paspor lama + fotokopi 1 lembar (A4)
  6. Map + surat pernyataan + sampul paspor (dibeli di loket sebelah Masjid)
  7. Uang Rp. 255.000,00

Bagi Anda yang bekerja di instansi atau perusahaan, kemungkinan besar Anda akan diminta untuk mempersiapkan surat rekomendasi dari instansi atau atasan pada saat datang di kantor imigrasi. Setelah Anda mengisi surat pernyataan dan memasukkan semua dokumen ke dalam map, bawalah dokumen tersebut ke loket 2 (permohonan via internet). Petugas akan melakukan verifikasi dokumen Anda dan meminta Anda untuk menunggu sebentar. Setelah Anda dipanggil kembali di loket 2, Anda akan diminta untuk menunggu nama Anda dipanggil di loket 5. Setelah petugas loket 5 memanggil nama Anda, Anda akan diberikan kembali bukti pra permohonan personal + nomor antrian Anda. Tunggulah sampai petugas di loket 4 (kasir) memanggil Anda untuk melakukan pembayaran dan memberikan kuitansi untuk melakukan foto (antri juga sampai nama Anda dipanggil), yang merupakan tahapan terakhir.

Sebagai informasi, dengan melakukan aplikasi online terlebih dahulu, saya hanya memerlukan waktu kurang lebih 2 jam di kantor imigrasi, dari loket 2 sampai dengan foto (dari jam 8 s/d jam 10 pagi). Paspor yang baru bisa Anda ambil sekitar 4-6 hari kerja. Ditjen Imigrasi telah menyediakan nomor yang bisa Anda SMS untuk mengetahui apakah paspor Anda telah siap untuk diambil atau belum (bisa dilihat di kuitansi pembayaran).

Tips: datanglah sepagi mungkin ke kantor Kanim.

Good luck!

got dizzy


examIt got me dizzy whenever I heard or read any news related to qualification examination. I know it is not only qualification exam needs to be passed during my three years study at NTUST, but also some other requirements such as completing the 18 credits courses and some list of publications from research work. Only when you pass the qualification exam then you will feel you are 50 % near to graduate, and take the exam is a MUST. There are two core courses out of three which are needed to be passed: Transport Phenomena, ChE Kinetics, and ChE Thermodynamics.  So, when the students can not pass the 2 core courses within two years of their study, then they have to leave the school without degree. I knew some students did good research work but they are forced to leave the school since they could not fulfill this only requirement.

And last Friday, I found myself headache just by reading the syllabus of qualification examination. Can I  make it?  That is too much you know. I felt there will be no more space available on my memory to memorize all of these stuffs. I wish I can tell the committee: ‘Profs, please……I am too old to study and memorize courses, would you kindly please revise the regulation? Don’t you think it is better to make us concentrate on research work? How can we publish more if we are busy by courses and qualify exams? ‘ 😀

And here I come with the plan,  a weekly study basis. I will take only Kinetics as a core course this Continue reading