Kill The Time

A Note

I am here with a feeling of emptiness.

Alone, only me staring to nothing.

Like part of me had died.

How can I live my life for tomorrow?

How can I stand on my own?

If I feel lonely among the crowd.

If I feel cold when the sun shines so bright.

If I’m laughing and crying then.

No more strength.

Shall I die this way?

I’m tired. I’m weak. I’m sick.


7 comments on “Kill The Time

  1. sak jane pingin menghina2 seh..tapi gak tego pek….. mang dari mana An kok tried? kan kemarin sepeda an ke Xindian juga gak ikut kok capek…. 😀

  2. mbaknyaaaaaaaaaaa…
    sakit apa?
    capek kenapa?
    makanya budayakan hidup sehat :
    – bangun pagi ~malu donk ama matahari!!!~
    – jangan tidur pagi2 donk!! di lab ngapain aja???? yakin cm nge-run??
    – klo makan traktir adik tercinta ini 🙂
    dijamin sehat dan bahagia 😀
    dicoba ya!!!

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