got dizzy


examIt got me dizzy whenever I heard or read any news related to qualification examination. I know it is not only qualification exam needs to be passed during my three years study at NTUST, but also some other requirements such as completing the 18 credits courses and some list of publications from research work. Only when you pass the qualification exam then you will feel you are 50 % near to graduate, and take the exam is a MUST. There are two core courses out of three which are needed to be passed: Transport Phenomena, ChE Kinetics, and ChE Thermodynamics.  So, when the students can not pass the 2 core courses within two years of their study, then they have to leave the school without degree. I knew some students did good research work but they are forced to leave the school since they could not fulfill this only requirement.

And last Friday, I found myself headache just by reading the syllabus of qualification examination. Can I  make it?  That is too much you know. I felt there will be no more space available on my memory to memorize all of these stuffs. I wish I can tell the committee: ‘Profs, please……I am too old to study and memorize courses, would you kindly please revise the regulation? Don’t you think it is better to make us concentrate on research work? How can we publish more if we are busy by courses and qualify exams? ‘ 😀

And here I come with the plan,  a weekly study basis. I will take only Kinetics as a core course this Continue reading