3D 2N in Jakarta

Where Will You Go?

The last time I went to Jakarta, it was at 2011 to get several documents authenticated. And I’ve recently (last month, to be precise) been to Jakarta to proceed my pass to enter Malaysia. Basically I love to train so I decided to go to Jakarta by train and would return to Surabaya by using airplane. The Indonesian Railway (Indonesian: PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)) has improved significantly during the last few years. The ticket can be booked online and paid from internet banking/ATM, convenience store, post office, or even calling its customer service to make reservations.

It was 8 am when I arrived in Jakarta by using an overnight train, Argo Bromo Anggrek. Although it was an hour delayed from its arrival schedule, it was fine for me because Malaysia Embassy at Kuningan is very close to Gambir station anyway. Having found everything goes so smoothly in the embassy (it took me 15 minutes to collect my documents and I would back 2 days after), I soon realized I should go somewhere just to kill the time. I would stay in my friend’s place and she’s in her office till evening. As any other capital cities, Jakarta has huge number of shopping centers. Fortunately, I am not a mall addicts. So if you are someone like me, these places you may consider to visit while you are in Jakarta, especially in South and East Jakarta: Ragunan Zoo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Monumen Nasional (Tugu Monas), and Taman Anggrek. Aside from an easy busway access or other means of public transportation, the entrance ticket was very very cheap. From those four spots, I managed to hit to only two places.

1. Ragunan Zoo

It is a home of huge numbers of animal collections from all parts of Indonesia and worldwide. And for me, Ragunan Zoo could be  the best choice to escape from Jakarta’s heat. Surrounded by big big trees, you either could sit on the playground with benches available everywhere or going around by train if you are tired from walk. Restaurants and food stalls can be easily found so no need to worry from being hunger in this 350-acre area. And don’t forget to get the Ragunan Zoo souvenirs to bring home, they sell them with reasonable price.


2. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Literally translated as “The Beautiful Miniature Park of Indonesia”, this place was, simply amazing. Occupied an area of 250-acre, as Ragunan Zoo, it would take us more than a day for completing sightseeing this Indonesian culture synopsis. We will find Indonesian traditional houses from all provinces along with their clothing, traditions, dances, etc. All are virtually and beautifully depicted to those who want to know more about Indonesia within short period of time. And please do come on weekend as you could see a lot of performances in every pavilions. There is also museums, Keong Emas IMAX cinema, and recreational facilities such as water boom and others. Since I didn’t come on weekend, my first destination was TMII’s cable car (gondola) where I could see the lake representing the miniature of Indonesian archipelago as well as other interesting places up from above. Below are some pictures I took when I was inside the gondola and visiting the pavilion.


And finally, I could not resist to visit a shopping center in Jakarta. Not because of (windows) shopping purpose, but because I really want to go to IMAX theater. My friend told me there are two IMAX I could visit, one at Kelapa Gading Mall and other at Gandaria Mall. And sadly I mistook the Artha Gading Mall as Kelapa Gading Mall so the hope was gone. Mind me, there are just too many malls in Jakarta! Being tired from walking around TMII, I was just too lazy to go to the other mall.  Well then, my 3D 2N in Jakarta was closed by watching Jack the Giant Slayer movie. Not bad movie, simple story though.


2 comments on “3D 2N in Jakarta

  1. Hemm.. Koyokx ada yg kurang.. Tempat beli novel inggris klasik dimana?? Yg itu loh jeung.. Yang kamu kasih ke aku terus sampek sekarang bacax ga kelar2… Xixixi.. Tapi so far.. Wes keren kok critanya.. Btw sorry for giving you wrong information about imax..hahaha..

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