My First Month in Malaysia

A (Wanderer) Journal

To be frankly, I feel I just travel and stay in another part of Indonesia, with better public transportation systems. Facing no any problems with the foods, weather, culture, or language, I somehow still amazed how the river of life has brought me here, since Malaysia has never been on my list as the place I would live. Being literally alone in a country where nobody picked me up in the airport, and a new workplace without someone I knew long, it is true that I found myself feel lonely sometimes. And for some people who know me, my decision to fly to Malaysia would be a quite shocking news. I know. It’s just, we can’t always get what we want the most; then to simply let it go could be much better choice instead of resist and fight hard. I’ve done both the latter, and they cost me pretty emotional and physical disasters. That’s when I decided to accept as it is, ikhlaas, and let go that stuff and decided to let in the other opportunities for there are always plenty of them. Of several options, I’ve decided to give myself a try in Malaysia. And I don’t regret the decision though. Not even once. In fact, I found my current state here is amazing. My new-first jobs is great, people are undoubtedly friendly, and more importantly, I’m happy with the choice and the changes I’ve made.

Talk about traveling, not a lot of places I’ve visited here and gotta displayed some of which I’ve done so far.


A bit of sightseeing around Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC)


The once-world-tallest-building Petronas Twin Towers


The most famous satay in Malaysia: Satay Kajang Haji Samuri


Need local souvenirs to bring back home? Then just grab them here at Pasar Seni (Central Market)


The historical site of Railway Administration Building


The famous Pusat Islam Malaysia



Batu Caves, the most popular Hindu shrines lie above inside the caves. See the steep flight? I’ve climbed up those 272 steps.


Snapshots from my current workplace: The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus


2 comments on “My First Month in Malaysia

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