About Her

Ianatul Khoiroh

Born at September 23, 1983 in Lumajang, a peaceful city where Pisang Agung (kind of banana) is the city’s signature with weighs up to 3 kg and measures up to 0.5 m; not to mention the highest volcano in island of Java-Indonesia, mt. Semeru (The Great Mountain), can also be seen from her backyard. As she grew in farming area, caught river’s fish and played around with Indonesian traditional games after school, she often wonders if the technology has replaced the best friend of the kids today: nature.

Currently reside in Taipei (Taiwan) as a Ph.D student and hopefully will earn her degree at July 2012. She has just recently obtained her PhD in July 2012 from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan. Trying hard to understand Thermodynamics and has just recently started to swim deeper in Computational Chemistry field. She presently is an Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

She is a big fan of Detective Conan manga series and naming Sharon Vineyard (Vermouth) as the coolest antagonist character in the series. More importantly, she loves cooking, reading, and travelling.

Should you have any question, drop her a line at: ianatul.khoiroh[at]gmail.com

Welcome to her blog 🙂



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